/01Can I view my vehicles from any internet enabled PC?

Yes, our software can be accessed from any internet-enabled desktop computer, mobile phone or tablet device.

/02Will I receive free upgrades?

Yes! Plus, because our software is web-based you don’t have to worry about CDs and installing upgrades, they appear when you login.

/03Do I have a "No Extra Charges" guarantee?"

There are no hidden charges with SVR Tracking!

/04Is there an annual web access charge?

No, the vehicle tracking unit is installed in a discreet, inaccessible location and all of the antennas are internal to the device.


/05Is there a visible antenna on the vehicle?

No, our representatives issue an ‘all-in’ quotation.

/06Are there additional networking costs?

No, our representatives issue an ‘all-in’ quotation.

/07Are there annual software costs?

No, our monthly price incorporates everything!

/08Is this a satellite-based vehicle tracking system?

Yes, meaning the tracking unit is located by Satellite and sends the information to our servers via the GPRS Data Network.

/09Does your tracking system run in real-time?

Yes, moving vehicles can report to us frequently, and these positions are automatically reflected in our features.

/10Is this system GPS based?

Yes, vehicle locations and times are pinpointed from the Global Position System satellites and relayed to our data centers over the GPRS network in real time.


/11How can I find out more about how you address Consumer & Data Privacy Rights?

There is a link in our Support Page that allows you to download a pdf version of our Privacy Policy



/01How do I log into my dashboard?

You will be sent a link that will take you to a login page that allows you to create your own user name and password. Be sure to select the check box for “master user” so that you will be able to add other users. NOTE: the link is only valid for 24 hours for security.


/02How can I learn to use the UI to manage my vehicles?

When you login to gps.svrtracking.com with your user name and password you will see the dashboard Help page with a list of functions on the left side. On the dashboard page and on each function page you will notice a “help” button at the top. By selecting “help” a pop up screen will be displayed with instruction and information for that function. There are numerous training videos to help you navigate the site. Simply select the link to go to the training video for that function.

/03How do I install the device?

Installation of the device is straight forward (Red and Black wires) – other wires are NOT required unless you are also installing the SID cable for “Starter Interrupt Disable” – then – only the green wire is needed. An experienced installer should not have any difficulty. The installation guide is available for download from the “Help” button on the dashboard

/04Why does the UI dashboard show the device as "Uninstalled"?"

After installing the device correctly in a vehicle, the UI dashboard shows that the unit is “uninstalled”. The most likely causes for this are that the device has yet to make a GPS connection and/or a Cellular connection. There are 2 small lights that should appear as follows: Green Light (GPS) - should light up solid green and remain solid Amber Light (Cellular) - this light will flash normally and when it remains solid for a few seconds that means that the device has a good connection to the Cellular network. It is also possible depending on your surroundings that the GPS signal is being block (metal roof, in a garage etc...) and the Cellular coverage in that area is not good. When we see this issue and we know that the installation has been done correctly we recommend taking the vehicle for a short drive and this almost always solves the problem.


/05Why is there an address range displayed?

When trying to locate a vehicle the address from “heartbeats” may display a range eg. 822-832 Oak Lane. We use Google maps (generally recognized as the industry standard) to convert GPS data to specific addresses. When a vehicle is parked on a street or in a parking lot the data returned for that specific location could be associated with numerous addresses, hence the range. However, it is important to note that the MAP location is precise – while the address may show a range, the marker on the map is accurate.


/06Why do I see an offline status?

There are two conditions that create "offline" status: 1) loss of power and 2) loss of cellular coverage. When either of these conditions occur we update status on the customer dashboard for that vehicle as “offline” if it has been more than 15 minutes while moving or 9 hours while stopped NOTE: When this happens "top stops" and "heartbeats" continue to be collected because the GPS is likely still good and when the vehicle moves back into cellular coverage this data is updated and maintained for their device.


/07Why does the device show a "lightning bolt" icon?"

Devices also show a lightning bolt icon if they are experiencing unexpected conditions. Moving your mouse over the icon will explain the condition: Poor GPS The GPS signal is weak. This condition may occur when the vehicle is parked under cover, or if the satellite signal to the device is blocked by metal in the vehicle. This does not necessarily mean that that the vehicle location will be inaccurate but that you should be aware that it may not be correct. Intermittent Power - The device has seen at least 2 power interruptions in the past 24 hours. This may be caused by an unreliable wire connection.


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